At present, all activities from games to professional photography can be done with a mobile phone. Professional photographers usually use DSLR or mirrorless cameras, but today it is not uncommon to use mobile cameras because the quality of mobile cameras is no longer in doubt and is certainly more practical.

However, if you are still not satisfied with the results of the default HP camera, you can use the camera app, which offers interesting features such as a professional camera that is expensive. One of the applications is Google Camera or Gcam.

Google Camera or Gcam has now reached version 7.3. Initially, the app was only available on Google Pixel phones, but now all mobile brands can use the app. One of the interesting features of Gcam is the Astrophotography mode. This feature allows you to take pictures of astronomical objects such as stars, moons, etc.

How to install Gcam on an Android phone

Immediately, here are some steps you need to take to install the Gcam app on an Android phone.

1. Check the Camera2 API on your Android phone

Before installing Gcam on an Android phone, you should check if your Android phone supports the Camera2 API. The Camera2 API is a handy framework that allows Android users or developers to access manual camera features such as DSLR cameras such as exposure, ISO, and system focus so you can make more accurate photo / video settings. How to check it?

1. First, please open Google PlayStore on your Android phone first.

2. Then, please type Manual camera compatibility. Like the image below. Then, please click Install.

3. Then, if it is already installed, please open the program. Then, please click start. Like the image below.

Open the app

4. Then, you will see the result. If everything is checked as shown below, it means that your Android phone already supports the Camera2 API. If there is a cross, it means that your mobile phone does not support the Camera2 API

Has been reviewed before

Well, the next step is to install Gcam on your Android phone. Please follow these steps.

2. How to install Gcam on an Android phone

After reviewing the Camera2 API, the next step is to install the Gcam app. Please follow the steps below.

1. First, open the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone. Remember, it must be Google Chrome Yes!

2. Then, please type Complementary and alternative medicine in search of. Now the first website appears, please click on the website. Like the image below.

Click on the website

3. Then, please yourself Select modders what do you want. Indonesians usually prefer Urnyx05, Arnova, Wichaya. But if you have other options, choose them safely. Like the image below.

You just choose

4. Then, you will see a wide range of different versions from old to new. Please select according to your desire and click on the link that apk. As shown in the image below.

How to install the camera

5. Then, please click again on the link that says .apk. Like the image below.

How to install the camera

6. Then, please click OK.

How to install the camera

7. Then, please wait a while for the download process to complete.

8. When done, please open the app and then click Installation. Like the image below.

How to install the camera

9. Then, the app will ask permission to install on your mobile. Please Slide the button Until it turns blue like the image below.

How to install the camera

10. Wait a few moments for the installation process to complete.

11. Then, if you are done, please click open. Like the image below.

How to install the camera

12. Then, click Permission To make the camera, microphone and other items work properly.

How to install the camera

13. Done. You can now use Gcam on your Android phone.

How to install the camera

Note: If the version of the application does not match the specifications of your Android phone, the application will have problems such as not opening, leaving itself, and so on. So before installing the Gcam app, make sure your Android phone supports the specifications of the Gcam app itself.

So in this article, we will discuss how to easily install Gcam on a rootless Android phone. We hope this article can be useful and helpful for you. Thank you

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