Easy way to download movies from your laptop and Android phone with Indonesian subtitles for free

Of course, most of us really enjoy watching movies. Start with horror, romance, drama, comedy, and more. One of the places where we can watch the latest movies, of course, is the cinema.

However, we are often dissatisfied with watching a movie only once. Given the price of watching a movie in the cinema, which is not cheap enough, it makes us think twice about watching a movie for the second time.

There is a very easy way for us who really like to watch movies. We can watch our favorite movies anytime, anywhere, by downloading movies. However, surely some of us are still confused about how to download videos properly? Because sometimes a lot of ads that make us lazy to download.

1. How to download movies using a laptop / computer

The first method is to download the movie using a laptop / computer without using additional programs. You just have to have a browser. Just follow the steps below.

1. Please open the browser on your laptop / computer.

2. Then, please type “world21.net” Or just go click here. The domain of the movie download site usually changes but the appearance remains the same. I will continue to update the link, If the link is broken, please comment.

Note: Some movie download sites are usually blocked by Kominfo, so use a VPN first before downloading a movie.


2. Then several videos will appear from which you can select one. Please select the movie you want to download.

the movie

3. Then, please scroll to find it “Download this movie” And please click like the image below.

How to download movies from laptop / computer without any problem

4. You will then be taken to a new page. Wait a few moments for the text in the yellow box to become the download button. Like the image below.


5. After a while. Then a download button will appear at the top. Like the image below.


6. You will then be taken to the next page. Please select one of the available download buttons as desired.

Select Download

7. Done. After pressing the download button, your movie will be downloaded automatically.

2. How to download movies using an Android phone

The second method is how to download the movie using an Android phone. In fact, you can only download videos to your Android phone using a browser like the one above. However, this time I will offer a slightly different method, ie using additional applications. With additional applications, movie downloads become somewhat faster. Just follow the steps below.

1. Please you Download this app To download movies in your Google Play Store. Like the image below.


2. Then, please run. Then the house appears. Please select “Movie Gallery” Or “Movies”. Like the image below.

How to download free movies

3. Then a few videos will appear that are ready to download. Select your desired movie.

the movie

4. Then on the next page please click “Download Torrent” To download your favorite movie like the image below.

How to download movies on a laptop

5. Then several movie files with different sizes or sizes will appear, which you can choose according to the memory capacity you have. However, if the size you choose becomes smaller, it is likely that the quality of the film is also small, not as large. Like the image below.

Select Download

6. Well, then you will see that your movie is downloading. Wait a few moments for the download process to complete.

How to download movies through the application

7. Done. You can already watch movies offline.

Well, how? Very comfortable and very simple right? Now, if we want to see a movie that we have seen in cinemas before, we can watch it for the second time by downloading the movie. So anytime and anywhere, we can watch our favorite movies.

This way you can easily download videos from laptops / computers and Android phones that you can try. If this article can help you, please share it with your friends so they know how to easily download videos via laptop / PC and Android phones. We hope this article can be useful for all of us. If there is a mistake in writing, forgive me. Thank you

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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