Locking Whatsapp is essential to protecting your privacy. Because Whatsapp application is the most widely used and number one chat application in the world.

Whatsapp has very complete features, which is why many people prefer to communicate using Whatsapp. Because WhatsApp can be used not only for chat, but also for phone calls, video calls and sending pictures, videos or other files using the Internet.

There may be some secret conversations on your WhatsApp so that no one else, not even your closest ones, can find out. For that, you need to lock WhatsApp for privacy.

Locking Whatsapp app can be done easily using the default features provided by WhatsApp without the use of additional apps. To prevent other people from hitting you, you can lock WhatsApp to protect your privacy at all times.

Then, how to lock Whatsapp without additional apps? There are several ways to lock WhatsApp without using additional apps. You can lock WhatsApp using your fingerprint, pattern and PIN.

How to lock WhatsApp with fingerprint / pin

WhatsApp has recently released a new feature. That is, the fingerprint security feature for Android smartphones In early 2019, this security feature was first installed in iOS.

Ease of visual, voice or text communication is the main advantage of using Whatsapp. In addition, Whatsapp also implements a global encryption system whose function is to ensure secure and private communication for WhatsApp users. Although it implements an end-to-end system, there are few cases where Whatsapp is tapped to leak the content of chats or files sent to other people.

You can set a password in WhatsApp using your fingerprint or fingerprint using your privacy feature. So, every time you open WhatsApp, you have to put your finger on the sensor of your smartphone. Here’s how to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint or fingerprint:

  1. Open the app Whatsapp On your smartphone
  2. There is on the top right Three dot symbol, Click on the three dot symbol. See the example in the picture. Select the three dot symbol
  3. Then select the menu Settings. How to lock WhatsApp with template
  4. Then select the menu AccountSee the example in the image. Select the Account menu
  5. Then in the Account menu, select Menu Privacy. How to lock WhatsApp with a PIN
  6. Then scroll down, then tap Fingerprint lock. See the example in the picture. Fingerprint lock
  7. Then turn on the toggle on option Unlock with fingerprint. See the example in the picture. Unlock with fingerprint
  8. Then confirm your fingerprint by placing your finger on the smartphone sensor. Fingerprint verification
  9. After setting the WhatsApp lock with your fingerprint or fingerprint, you will then be able to set a time delay to activate the lock and display the message content in the notification. Like the example in the picture. How to lock WhatsApp with template

There is another way to lock Whatsapp app through the smartphone settings feature. How? You can follow these steps:

  1. open Order On your smartphone Settings app on smartphone
  2. Then select in the settings menu Security. See the example in the picture. Select the Security menu
  3. Then select the menu Application privacy and encryption. See the example in the picture. Application privacy and encryption
  4. Then select the Whatsapp application and turn on the key in the Whatsapp application. Like the example in the picture. Turn on WhatsApp Transfer
  5. Done, please open your WhatsApp then your WhatsApp will be locked.

Well, there are two ways you can protect your WhatsApp privacy. You can use the above two methods to lock Whatsapp application using fingerprint, pattern and PIN without using additional applications.

By locking Whatsapp app, you can enjoy benefits such as protecting your privacy, keeping important documents confidential, and preventing unwanted events.

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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