An easy way to save videos on Instagram in the mobile gallery without the help of the app. Not easy and complicated.

Surely you are very familiar with Instagram, right? How not, Instagram is one of the most popular social media today in addition to Facebook and Twitter. It can not be separated from the interesting features of Instagram, which is supported by Facebook Interface That Friendly And Clean.

Surely you do not want to miss out on saving or downloading interesting and informative videos shared by other users, right? Therefore, you need to listen to the description of saving videos from Instagram below.

How to save video from Instagram

Well, before I explain step by step how to save a video from Instagram, you should know that saving a video from Instagram is very easy.

There are two ways to save videos from Instagram, ie with one app installed and without the app, ie using the online downloader site. See the description below for more details.

1. Use Online Downloader

Well, for those of you who do not want to bother installing apps, this method is for you. For more details, consider the following steps:

  1. Open your Instagram account, select the video to download.
  2. Click on the icon 3 points Which is located in the upper right corner of the video, then select Copy the link Copy the video link as shown with the arrow. How to save video from Instagram
  3. Then go to the site Browser (recommended using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
  4. Paste the copied video link in the box provided, and then click the button Download As shown by the arrow.
  5. After that, the button will appear Download videos As shown by the arrow. Click the button then the video will be downloaded automatically. How to save videos from Instagram without a program

There are many other download tools you may be able to use, but I still recommend the above. There are also online download tools that can be used to download videos on YouTube or videos from Facebook. Unfortunately, using this downloader tool can only download videos from public accounts. For private accounts, it is recommended to use the program.

2. Using the app

In addition to using online download sites, you can also use applications Download video for Instagram To save or retrieve videos from Instagram.

However, you must install the app through the Play Store. For more details, consider the following steps:

  1. Install the application first Download video for Instagram From the Play Store Video downloader
  2. Open your Instagram account, select the video to download.
  3. Click on the icon 3 points Which is located in the upper right corner of the video, then select Copy the link Copy the video link as shown with the arrow. How to save video from Instagram on Android
  4. Next, open the app Video Downloader for Instagram then post Link the video in the box provided.
  5. After that, the video will be downloaded automatically. Download Instagram videos
  6. To view the videos you have downloaded, you can view them in the tab History. How to take a video from Instagram

3. Using the InstaSaver app

The third method is almost similar to the second method, which is to use an application. The difference is that we use an application called InstaSaver. You can check the following steps:

1. Please download and install the Instasaver app (Link here).

Download Instagram videos 1

2. Open your Instagram and search for the video you want to download. Click on the three dots on the top right of the video. After that, click Copy the link.

Download Instagram videos 2

3. Open the Instasaver application and select Insta post downloader.

IG Videos 1

4. If you receive such a notification, just select it Permission.

5. Insert the previously copied Instagram video link. You can click the button directly Paste.

Download Instagram videos 3

6. A preview of the video will appear later. Then click Save video To save the video

Download Instagram movie 4

7. All successfully downloaded Instagram videos are stored in a folder called Download Instagram.

Download Instagram movie 5

5 types of Instagram video content (most likes)

There are several types of Instagram videos that most users like, including:

1. Funny movies or fun movies

The most popular Instagram video content by people is usually funny videos or fun videos. Why? Because most people really need entertainment in their lives. The need for entertainment may be the first need Hahaha. Therefore, rarely do accounts that share or share collections of funny videos easily go up and easily get followers.

There are many behaviors of children, teenagers, parents, even the elderly these days, they love funny, silly and even weird behaviors. But their behavior or behavior is actually very funny and even very entertaining. Not to be ridiculed or slandered, but their funny videos should just be shared with people so that others can easily access them and watch them to entertain more people and even relieve stress.

Aside from sharing existing viral hilarious videos, you can also create or draft your own hilarious videos so you can produce your own work instead of just reloading it.

2. Tic Tac Toe Global Videos

Another popular video content on Instagram is Tic Tac Toe. There are now a large number of accounts that contain a collection of successful tik tok videos. You too can follow in his footsteps. You can upload your tik tok videos or maybe just upload other interesting tik tok videos that you will upload to your Instagram account.

For example, an Instagram account owned by zonk_korea. This account has managed to attract more than 400,000 followers just by sharing tik tok videos. In addition, this account contains many Korean figures, so that more people like this account.

3. Dance Cover Video

Another Instagram video content that many people like is dance cover videos. For those of you who do not have fun or are not good at dancing, this type of content may be difficult for you.

But, if you enjoy dancing, you will definitely enjoy this type of content. You can do your own dance moves or you can cover dances from the songs of Kpop artists that are playing. This type of content can not only channel your entertainment, but you can also introduce people to your dance.

4. Musical poetry

Another type of content that many people like is the music video for the poem. For those of you who love acronyms, poetry, literature or quotes, you will surely watch this type of video content often. For example, the narratives of storytelling, Panjirmadana, and so on.

Their account contains a video of a successful poetry musical that has attracted many fans. Well, if you also have hobbies like reading poetry, making pearls of wisdom, quotes, you can create this type of content on your Instagram account.

5. Video cover song

The latest Instagram video content that many people like is a cover song video. Recently, there are a lot of celebgrams or other Instagram accounts that upload content like this. Since they know a lot of fans of the songs they cover, many will also watch their videos.

So, one tip for creating this type of video content is that you should cover songs that are on the rise or are viral, but it is also possible to cover old songs that can attract your new fans. Give.

Proposal: If you want to save on your mobile memory or you do not want to fill your mobile phone with applications, the first method (without application) is the right choice for you.

This time the discussion is about how to save videos from Instagram with or without apps. I hope you are useful and successful. Thank you!

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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