An easy way to download videos on Instagram without an app in the HP Gallery. Enough with online downloader.

In addition to Facebook, Instagram is a popular social media that has millions of active users every month.

With this Instagram, we can find the latest information, interesting videos, job opportunities, etc. Every day you will definitely see various interesting and useful posts or stories.

So, it’s very unfortunate that you do not have an Instagram account yet. How to create an Instagram account is not a difficult task, you can also register on Instagram through your Facebook account, because Instagram is actually a social media application owned by Facebook.

How to download videos on Instagram in the gallery

Through this article, I will explain how to easily download videos on Instagram without using the program or using the program.

The first way is to use the online download site (without application) and the second way is to use an application that you must first install in the Play Store. Check out the following steps:

1. Through online downloader

How to download videos on Instagram without an application can be done with the help of an online downloader site (without the need to install an application).

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Then copy the video link you want to download. How to do it by clicking 3 points Which is located at the top right of the video, then select Copy the link.
    How to download videos on Instagram
  3. Go to the site Browser (recommended using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Insert the video link in the column provided, then click the button Download.
    second stage
  4. After that, click the button Download videos Which I have marked in red.
    How to download videos on Instagram
  5. The video will be downloaded automatically.

2. Using the app

Suppose you do not like the first method very much, maybe you can use this second method as an alternative. But for this second method, you must first install the downloader application through the Play Store. For more details, you can see below:

  1. Install the program Download video for Instagram From the Play Store
    How to download Instagram videos
  2. Like the first method, first copy the video link by selecting it Copy the link.
    Step Five
  3. Open the app Download video for Instagram That you have just installed. Put the Instagram video link in the provided column.
    Step Six
  4. The video will be downloaded automatically. You can view the video files in the folder InstaDownload (Folder location may vary).
    Learn to download movies on Instagram via Android phone

3. Using the InstaSaver app

You are still using the help of the program. But this time we use another application called InstaSaver. You can check the following steps:

1. Please install the Instasaver app in the Play Store (or via This link).

Download Instagram videos 1

2. Open your Instagram and search for the video you want to download. In this example, I want to download videos from Indozone. Please click three points Which is located at the top right of the video then click Copy the link.

Download Instagram videos 2

3. Open the Instasaver application and select Insta post downloader.

IG Videos 1

4. If you receive a warning like this, just select it Permission.

5. Insert the previously copied Instagram video link. For more speed, you can click the button directly Paste.

Download Instagram videos 3

6. After previewing the video, then click Save video To save the video

Download Instagram movie 4

7. All successfully downloaded Instagram videos are stored in a folder called Download Instagram.

Download Instagram movie 5

5 Most Popular IG Video Download Apps

There are several apps in the Play Store that we can use to download videos on Instagram. Some of them can be checked below:

1. Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for InstagramThe first popular Instagram video download app is “Downloader For Instagram”. You can download this application for free in Google Play Store.

This application makes it easy for users to download HD (High Definition) Instagram videos or photos. The app also offers two choices of ways to download videos or photos on Instagram, namely manual and automatic.

If you choose to download manually, you need to copy the URL of the video or photo, then paste it into the app. However, if you choose the automatic method, you just need to copy the URL of the video or photo you want, then it automatically goes to the program and you can download it.

2. Save and resend for Instagram

Save and resend for InstagramThe most popular app for downloading the next Instagram video is “Save and Resend for Instagram”. Not surprisingly, this is a video downloader that is very popular, because it has been downloaded and used by more than 6 million Android users around the world.

This app is like other video downloader apps that can save Instagram videos or photos for unlimited enjoyment.

However, in addition to being able to save videos or photos from Instagram, the app also has other benefits, such as Repost, where users can share videos or photos directly on their Instagram social network from the Save and Repost For Instagram app. .

3. QuickSave for Instagram

QuickSave for Instagram

The next application that is mostly used by Instagram users to download videos or photos from Instagram is “QuickSave For Instagram”. This application is really interesting and different from other applications, because users do not need to log in with their Instagram account to download videos or photos.

Another advantage of this application is that it offers an interesting feature, namely the Clear History feature, this feature can be used to delete download history. This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people from all over the world. This proves that the program opens the program carelessly.

Another feature of this application is the ability to save automatically. This feature is used to automatically save videos or photos. And this application also provides QuickSave Folder feature, this feature is used to change the download location. This app is available for free on the Google Play Store. However, it also provides great features so that users can get rid of existing ads.

4. FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram

The next app that is very popular for downloading videos or photos on Instagram is “FastSave For Instagram”. This application has a very small storage size and is only 3.5 MB, so it can save storage space on the user’s phone.

This application also has a very good user interface and this application also has a Repost feature that makes it easy for users to share video or photos on their Instagram.

When downloading videos or photos using this app, users only need to copy the URL of the video or photo they want, then the video or photo is automatically downloaded and appears in the user’s mobile notification. FastSave For Instagram also has a Hide Into Locker feature that is useful for hiding downloaded files in a hidden shelf.

5. Video downloader for Instagram

Download video for Instagram

The next most popular app is Video Downloader For Instagram. This app is like any other app that can be used to republish videos or photos on Instagram.

This app is available for free on the Google Play Store with a small storage space of only 6.4 MB. The app also offers a history menu that can be used to view what users have downloaded and make it easier for them to enjoy offline.

These are two ways to easily download videos on Instagram, without an app or using an app. If you are a regular user who saves storage space on your phone, storing Instagram videos through the online download tool is the best option.

Yes, although the downloader does not take up a lot of resources, for phones that have a lot of applications installed or have relatively mediocre specifications, it is better to use the first method instead of the second method.

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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