How to use vpn in Android without installing additional programs to access sites blocked by the government

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Is a form of private Internet access that can manipulate connections so that we can send and receive data as if we were somewhere else.

Uses of VPNs that are commonly used to open blocked sites, positive internet, lanterns and so on.

Another VPN application is that you can enjoy fast connections Server Abroad, access to office work at home, security in the use of public Wi-Fi, watching online TV abroad,Download games Abroad and so on

When using a VPN, the main focus is usually on the location and speed of Internet access. Not only does it apply to PC / Laptop users, but you can also use VPN on your Android. Here are some ways to use a VPN on Android No app help Or with the help of programs such as VPN Master, SuperVPN and Secure VPN.

4 ways to use VPN in Android

1. Use custom DNS (no application)

This first method is very easy and you do not need to install additional applications on your mobile phone. Here are the steps:

1. Here I am trying to access via Google Chrome. As you can see, access to the site is not possible because it is blocked by the government. Then click on the three dots to enter the settings menu.

How to use VPN in Android without application

2. These tips only apply to Google Chrome browser. Choose later Settings.

Use VPN without application 2

3. Then select Privacy and security.

Use VPN without application 3

4. Then select Use secure DNS.

Use VPN without application 4

5. Then turn on the option Use secure DNS. Then select Choose other provider Cloudflare (

Use VPN without application 5

6. If so, just exit the settings menu. Try accessing the blocked site again.

Use VPN without application 6

7. Taddah, I can now access Reddit and other government-blocked sites.

Use VPN without application 7

2. Use Free VPN Master unblock proxy

Here are the steps to use VPN Master.

1. First of all, make sure you have the VPN Master application installed on your Android. You can find it there Play Store In the name Security without VPN proxy.

vpn master in gpaly 2. After installing on your Android, open the VPN Master application. If the agreement appears as shown below, click the button I agree.

How to use vpn

3. Then click the button Go To start the search Server And wait a moment

Click go to connect the server

4. You have successfully connected to the VPN. The flag of Singapore shows that you are attached to it Server Which is in Singapore. Usually running Android VPN (in status communicate) A lock icon appears in the status bar. You can see it in the image to the left of the Wi-Fi icon.

waut and connected

Can’t access WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook normally because it is blocked by the government?

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5. Not long after the previous step, you will see a page like the one below. Click the flag image to relocate your VPN connection, as shown in the flash.

Change the location of your server

6. Then, you can choose Server what do you want. VPN offers 3 versions ie World Cup (because now Prosperity world Cup. If you want to watch football with a faster connection, you can use this option. Faster server (includes options) Server Which supports access speed (and free)Server Free).

Select a location-based country

7. To test the VPN Master connection, here I open the Tumblr site via Chrome. The Tumblr page is now accessible to me.

Open the browser and access the blocked site

8. Appears here in process VPN Master is on Notification bar.

vpn master in the status bar

3. Use Free SuperVPN VPN Client

Here are the steps to use SuperVPN.

1. First install SuperVPN on your Android.

How to use vpn

2. Open your SuperVPN application.

Open supervpn3. Then, click the button Continue On the page as shown below

Click Continue

4. Click Set now On pop up Which seems to be adjustable Disable battery optimization.

How to use vpn in Android

5. Click Connection As shown by the arrow in the image below to connect to Server Provided by SuperVPN.

Click Connect

6. After clicking on the Connect command Good To Connection requests On pop up Like the image below after this, you have successfully Server SuperVPN.

Click OK to request a connection

7. If VPN is enabled on your Android, a lock icon will appear in the status bar and a SuperVPN application icon will appear as shown in the image below. The following screen is an experiment with opening a blocked Tumblr site. Finally, we were able to access it by finding a connection from SuperVPN.

Tumblr access test in Chrome

8. Here is the screen Notification bar Which states that your Android is connected to it Server SuperVPN.

See the vpn connection notification in the status bar

4. Use Secure VPN by Signal Lab

Here are the steps to use Secure VPN.

1. Make sure that the Secure VPN application is installed on your Android. Below is the appearance of Secure VPN in the Google Play Store.

Safe vpn on Google Play2. Open the Secure VPN application. Then, click the button confirm To agree to the terms of service.

Acceptance of terms of service

4. Then wait a moment for the Secure VPN connection program to launch.

Connection preparation

5. Then, you will see a page like the one below. Click the button Connection To connect Android to Server Which Secure VPN application provides automatically. You can also select the location manually Server Press the light button as shown by the arrow.

Click the connect button

6. It appears here if you click the light button to select a location Server what do you want.

Select the server country you want to use

7. If you click the CONNECT button directly in step 5, a page like the one below will appear. The program automatically selects this option Server The fastest and closest to you with features Automatic selection.

On this page, your Android has successfully connected to it Server By SecureVPN.

You are connected

8. You can directly with browser You. An example is shown below Notification bar From Secure VPN stating that you are connected to it Server VPNs

Connects to a secure vpn in the notification bar

This is a tutorial on how to use VPN in Android. There are actually many free VPN apps for Android, but you have to be careful because some VPN apps are dangerous and you should avoid them. Through this link you can access the list of these VPN programs.

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