Four ways to check the IMEI of Android phones for all HP brands and then check if they are registered or not

In today’s digital age, you are probably familiar with the term IMEI, especially for those of you who are mobile enthusiasts, both Android and iPhone. Although many people are familiar with the term, few know what the real function of this IMEI is.

International Mobile Equipment Identity Or often the IMEI for short is a unique code that is commonly used to distinguish one cell phone from another.

When you request a service or warranty on your Android phone, this IMEI is definitely recorded by CS because it is to identify your mobile phone. The standard IMEI generally consists of 14 decimal places and reaches 16 digits for the latest mobile phones.

The easiest way to check the IMEI of an Android phone

You can actually see your IMEI number on your box, battery, or cell phone purchase receipt, but there is another way that is simpler and shorter. Immediately, here is a quick and hassle-free way to check the IMEI of your Android phone!

1. How to check the IMEI through the settings menu

1. Open the menu first Settings (As indicated by the red box) on your Android phone.

How to check the imei of the original Android phone

2. Select Next About the phone (Some other brands, you must first log in System > About the phone).

How to check the latest imei of Android phone

3. Just select the IMEI of your Android phone to know Condition.

How to check imei

4. As indicated in the red box, this is the IMEI you are looking for.

Check imei 4

2. How to check IMEI via * # 06 #

1. Log in Dial menu I have marked your Android phone as a red arrow.

Check imei 4B

2. Type * # 06 # Then press the phone button (Contact / Contact).

How to check imei

3. Your IMEI information will appear automatically.

How to check imei Android phone

3. Through box / mobile box

When you buy a new cell phone, you will definitely get the HP box. Generally, there is information about HP’s IMEI code outside the HP box.

To check the authenticity of your HP IMEI, you can check it directly through the official website of your HP brand. For example, your mobile phone is OPPO, so please visit OPPO to check it out.

IMEI in the HP box

4. Check if the IMEI is registered or not

Visit the site first The Ministry of Industry is here. after that Enter the IMEI code Then click the button search. Displays words if the IMEI is already registered IMEI is registered in the database of the Ministry of Industry.

Check if the IMEI is registered

As a wise buyer, you can be sure of the similarity between the IMEI in the box and the IMEI in your Android mobile system. Rarely is there a difference between the IMEI inside the box and the system, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Here are two ways to check the IMEI of your Android phone. Make sure you use your IMEI information wisely, do not use it for strange or negative purposes. I hope this article is useful and we will see you in the next tutorial!

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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