3+ How to open RAR / ZIP files in Android (without application)

An easy way to open rar and zip files on Android for beginners. To be able to open rar and zip files, you can do it with or without a program. You should be familiar with finding (.rar) and (.zip) files. Both are the most common data compression. For some people, seeing these two types […]

3 ways to use VPN on Android without application (100% working)

How to use vpn in Android without installing additional programs to access sites blocked by the government VPN (Virtual Private Network) Is a form of private Internet access that can manipulate connections so that we can send and receive data as if we were somewhere else. Uses of VPNs that are commonly used to open […]

Here’s how to make PowerPoint on an Android phone (for beginners).

This is how to create PowerPoint on an Android phone for beginners. Create presentation slides easily and effortlessly. PowerPoint is one of the technologies that is used well as a presentation tool. The presence of PowerPoint was able to help the presentation to capture the views and hearts of the audience. Then, following the trend […]

2 ways to connect an HP screen to a laptop / computer (100% working)

How to connect a mobile screen to a Windows laptop / computer using a USB data cable. You can try it right away. Nowadays, mobile phones and laptops are one of the main items used by most people. This is because different activities and occupations require these two. In addition, mobile phones and laptops are […]

How to download ACMarket and use it on Android?

Although the Google Play Store has more than 2.5 million apps and games, it does not have everything that users want. Many apps never break Google’s strict rules and guidelines, so the only good solution is to use an informal app store. After a long time, Android users were forced to root their devices to […]

4 ways to check the IMEI of Android phones for all HP brands (100% efficient)

Four ways to check the IMEI of Android phones for all HP brands and then check if they are registered or not In today’s digital age, you are probably familiar with the term IMEI, especially for those of you who are mobile enthusiasts, both Android and iPhone. Although many people are familiar with the term, […]

4+ How to save videos from YouTube without a program (100% work)

Four ways to save videos from YouTube to Gallery (HP) or other storage media such as PC / Laptop hard drives There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the number one video sharing sites in the world of the Internet. Almost everyone is familiar with the term YouTube, and not even a few […]

5+ ways to eliminate positive internet on HP / PC (100% working)

Five ways to get rid of positive internet on your Android phone or PC / laptop when accessing blocked sites. It can be done without a program. For some Internet users, there are those who are upset by the government’s decision to block some sites. Some believe that not all government-blocked sites are bad sites. […]

3 ways to install / add fonts on Android phones (100% work)

The default font of the Android phone or the default font is the best font that the system selects based on various considerations such as appropriate size, comfortable viewing, good, legibility and …. However, if you continue to use this type of font, you will definitely feel bored and unattractive. Fortunately, Android phones allow users […]