Digitalization is now driving all business owners online, which once started an offline business is now online. Are you a business owner? If yes, have you thought about your online store logo?

Logo is one of the most important aspects of creating an online business. Why? Because the logo is a symbol or reflection of the business you have. A good logo should be in line with the concept, vision and mission of your online store.

How to make an olshop logo on a mobile phone

Sometimes creating a logo can be a hassle. So you need to hire an expert to create your online store logo. Now you do not have to worry, because there are now many programs that offer a very easy feature of creating a logo.

How to create Olshop logo on mobile using Canva

One of the easiest logo building apps is the Canva Online Store. Even if you are not an expert, using this Canva application, your online store logo will be realized. Please refer to the following steps immediately.

1. First of all, please first download and install the Canva app on your mobile phone. Method Please open Google Play Store the first. As shown in the image below.

How to create Olshop logo on mobile using Canva

2. Then, please type Canoe In the search field as shown in the image below.

Search canvas

3. Then, please click Installation In the Canva app like the image below.

Click Install

4. Wait a while for the download process to complete.

5. If you are done, please click open. Like the image below.

How to make an Olshop logo on the latest HP

6. Before you start creating a logo for an online store, first create a rough concept or design with a pencil so that you do not get confused when applying it in Canva program.

7. On the home screen, please click logo. As shown in the image below.

Click on the logo

8. Then, you will see that there are different types Templates Provided. Please select a template that matches your online store logo. If you are still using the free features, you are not allowed to use the premium templates.

Learn how to make an Olshop logo on HP

9. If you do not want to use the template, but you use your own design, please click blank. As shown in the image below.

Click blank

10. Well, for example here I use a template like the one below. Do not worry, even if you use a template, you can still change it according to the wishes and concepts of your online store.

11. If you want to change the background color, please click Color. As shown in the image below.

Click color

12. Then a variety of color options will appear that you can use. Like the image below.


13. If you want to change the font, please click Fonts And slide the menu options below to see the menu Font, font size, color. Like the image below. Please select a font that matches the brand characteristics of your online store.

Click on the font

14. If you want to change images or add elements, please click Add symbol Like the image below.

Add symbol

15. Then, please select Element menu. As shown in the image below.

How to create Olshop logo on mobile using Canva

16. Or if you can import images or elements from the mobile gallery by clicking on the menu. Gallery. As shown in the image below.


17. Even in the Canva app, you can see some font references suitable for your online store logo. Please click Text To see some of the available font combinations. Like the image below.

Click on the text

18. If you are satisfied and finished making the logo, now is the time to export and save it. Please click Upload icon Which is located in the upper right corner. As shown in the image below.

Click on the upload icon

19. Then, please click Save as…. To save as image or you can share it via link. Please select according to your request.

Click save as

20. Then, please select File format That you want to save like the image below.

File format

21. And finally please click Download.

Click Download

Therefore, this article easily discusses how to create an online store logo using a mobile phone. While there are many programs you can use to create a logo, I think Canva is one of the easiest. We hope this article can be useful and helpful for you. Thank you

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