ZIP and RAR are compressed files available on a computer or smartphone. With ZIP and RAR formats you can summarize a file that contains several types of folders and the media can be combined into one section.

Creating ZIP and RAR files is now not only possible with a computer, but now you can create ZIP and RAR files with the help of additional applications using Android phones.

By archiving or compressing files in ZIP and RAR forms, the main function is to put many files in one folder and package them in one file. Another function is to be able to reduce the file size, because the process is compressed and used to produce a smaller size.

How to create and open ZIP or RAR files in Android

Roshal Archive (WinRAR) or RAR is an extension used for compact archiving of files. The RAR file contains several zip files. Converting a file to RAR reduces the file size.

While Zoning Improvement Plan or ZIP is a type of extension that is a very popular document for use as a zip file. ZIP format also reduces file size.

There are currently many similar apps that work on compressing files or extracting files on Android phones, one of which is the RARLAB app. Today I will explain how to compress files or extract files using the RARLAB application. Creating ZIP and RAR files using the RAR program is also very easy. You can download the app in the Google Play Store.

  1. You must have a plan first رالاب First, on your Android phone, you can download it in the Google Play Store. See the example in the picture. How to create a ZIP or RAR file in Android
  2. After installing the program رالاب-You can open the application رالاب On your smartphone you can see the sample in the picture. Open the rarlab app
  3. Then select the folder where the documents in which your files are stored.
  4. Then select the file you want to convert to a .zip or rar file.
  5. Then select the file and select Filing With a positive symbol above. See the example in the picture. How to create a ZIP or RAR file in Android
  6. On Archiving options, You can create a file name, set the file storage location after archiving, select the file extension type and put a password on your extension file. Then click Good To save a file created in a file with a .zip or rar extension. See the example in the picture. File archiving options
  7. Wait a few moments for the file archiving process to complete.File compression process

In addition to creating ZIP and RAR files, in this RARLAB application you can also open files with .zip and rar extensions. Here is how.

  1. Select the file with the .zip or rar extension you want to open, then select Extraction With the arrow symbol at the top. See the example in the picture. Select the file you want to extract
  2. In the extraction options you can choose where the file will be saved after extraction, then select OK. See the example in the picture. File extraction option
  3. You can then see files with .zip or .rar extensions open. See the example in the picture. The file was successfully extracted

RARLAB can also be used to create RAR and ZIP files, while Extraction can be used for RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO and ARJ files.

How to create files with .zip or .rar extensions and how to extract files with .zip or .rar extensions on Android phones using the RARLAB add-on. We hope the above method can help those of you who are confused about compressing or extracting ZIP and RAR files.

Editor: Mohammad Zakaria

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