As you know, WhatsApp has a sticker feature. You can use these tags to send messages to friends or family. However, there are only a few types of WhatsApp default tags. So these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

How to make WhatsApp stickers

If you are tired of using the same sticker, you can make your own sticker. You can make a face of yourself, your partner or a friend to joke with.

However, to create a sticker with your designs and concepts, you must download a third-party application. What is an application? And how? Immediately, please follow the steps below.

1. You must first download a third-party application called Trick, please open Google PlayStore on your mobile.

2. Next, please search the app Like the image below. Please you Installation.

How to make WhatsApp stickers

3. Wait a few moments for the download process to complete.

4. When finished, please open the app. On the first page you will be asked to choose whether you want to continue using Facebook or Google. Please choose between the two, if you do not want to use any user account, you can click Jump Which is located in the upper right corner. As shown in the image below.

Click on jump

5. Well, then you can see the different types of WhatsApp stickers that you can apply in your WhatsApp. These stickers are stickers made by people. You can also create stickers that people can download later. If you are interested in the sticker, please click add. As shown in the image below.

Click Add

6. Then, please click add. Like the image below. Done, you can now view your downloaded sticker on your WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp stickers with your photos

7. Not only can you download sticker packs on the home screen, but you can also see what labels are trending through the Trending menu. Like the image below.


8. Then click to make a sticker with your concept Profile icon Then, please click New sir Or symbol Plural sign Which is in the middle. As shown in the image below.

Click new sir

9. Next, please select the label shape you want to create, whether animated or regular. If you click on the animation, your tag can move. Normally, your tags do not move just like photos. For example, this article selects the Regular form.

Regular clicks

10. Next, please enter a name for the sticker pack and enter the manufacturer name. Then, if you want people to be able to find and download your stickers, please enable the toggle as shown below. If you do not want to, please slide it off. Then, please click To. As shown in the image below.

Fill in the package name and manufacturer name

11. Then a message will appear saying if you do not want people to find your sticker, please turn off the search permission option. Please click OK.

How to easily create WhatsApp stickers

12. Then, click Permission So that the application can access your mobile media and photos.

Click Permission

13. Then please click to insert the tag Add stickers. Make sure you have your sticker ready to upload before clicking on it. You can edit stickers using other editing programs like PicsArt and so on. And to upload and add to WhatsApp, you must have at least 3 stickers.

Click Add Tag

14. Next, please select the photo you made as a sticker.

15. If you do not have time to edit the photo to be used as a sticker, offers several menus that you can use to edit your photo. For example, your photo still has a background, so you can delete it by clicking Automatically Or Guides Or you want to cut it, then please click cut. Like the image below.

Sample tags

16. Then, you can also enter Text, color, and also Smileys. Please make to your liking.

Edit sticker

17. If you have finished editing, please click Next. Like the image below.

Click Next

18. Then, you can add a hashtag to fit your sticker. Then, click Save.

Click Save

19. Well, then your sticker will look like the image below.

20. Then, do the same with your other tags. For example like the image below. Then, please click Add to WhatsApp.

Add to wa

21. Then, click add To add it

Click Add

22. Done. To download your custom sticker, you can share the link with your friends.

Copy the link

23. You can already see your custom stickers in your WhatsApp.


24. If you want to make an animated sticker, please select the animation in the previous option and follow the next steps.

25. Good luck!

So this article easily discusses how to make WhatsApp stickers. We hope this article can be useful and helpful for you. Thank you

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