NESABAMEDIA.COM Do you want to edit videos now and add MP3 clips to your videos? Or have you ever listened to a beautiful piece of a song and want to include it in your video? If so, you can do this using the KineMaster app on your smartphone.

KineMaster is a popular application that many people use to edit video. In addition, the KineMaster app is very easy to use and the results are great. Compared to other editing programs, KineMaster has the advantage of cutting audio and video files easily.

This KineMaster app is also free, if you want to learn video editing you can use this KineMaster app. Or if you do not have a watermark on your video, you can use the PRO version of KineMaster.

You can also use the Kinemaster app to cut songs based on what you need. For example, we just want to remove part of a song or a choir from a song. Next, how can you cut the song with the Kane Master application ?? You can follow these steps.

How to cut MP3 songs in KineMaster

Since this tutorial uses the KineMaster app, it means that you must first have the KineMaster app on your smartphone. You can download the KineMaster app in the Google Play Store. Here are some ways to cut MP3 songs using KineMaster.

  1. Open the program first KineMaster On your smartphoneOpen KineMaster on your smartphone
  2. Then select the video you want to make MP3s or music in the editable video, or if you do not have a video and you want to make a new video, select it. Create New.Learn how to cut songs in KineMaster
  3. Then select your video aspect ratio.Select the video ratio
  4. Then select the media you want to edit to include MP3 songs in your video Audio . See the example in the picture.Insert sound in KineMaster
  5. Then select a song and tap on it Add symbolLike the pictureAdd MP3 lau to KineMaster
  6. Then if the song duration is longer than the video duration or you just want to capture part of the song, you can select the MP3 song by pressing the audio file of your choice once and then select it. Cut symbolLike the pictureMute in KineMaster
  7. Then there will be several options, cut to the left of the player, cut to the right of the player and split on the player. As in the picture.Option How to Cut a Song in KineMaster
  • Cut the Playhead to the left That is, cutting off the front of the music or removing the front part with a specific limit on the duration of the music, this method usually takes the chorus part of the music.
  • Cut to the right of the Playhead It means cutting the back of the music or removing the back that is marked with a music time limit.
  • Share on Playhead That is, cutting without throwing.
  1. Or you can cut the song by pressing the audio file, then just slide the yellow line in the audio file to get the MP3 song you want. How to cut MP3 songs in KineMaster
  2. Then to restore the audio file to the beginning, just press and hold the audio file for a long time to shake your smartphone, then drag the track to the background image.
  3. done.

Here are some ways to cut songs in Kinemaster. Not only for cutting music or sound, you can also use this program to cut videos.

In addition, video editing is now very useful because there are currently many video editing programs that we can use via smartphones, one of which is KineMaster. We can now edit videos anywhere, anytime.

It is very easy not to cut audio or MP3 songs in KineMaster. Well, now you can try it on your smartphone yourself. Good luck.

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