In the past, the technique of combining multiple videos into one video has existed, but this time the integration of videos has become very viral for the needs of social media content. By combining multiple videos into one video, your video will look more attractive.

Previously, there were video editing programs that could be used with smartphones. In the past, editing software from a computer or personal computer was required to combine multiple videos into one video.

It should require sufficient specifications as well as a complex editing process especially for beginners. However, with the development of technology, video editing has now become much easier with many video editing applications on smartphones. So that it makes it easier for you to edit videos anywhere and anytime.

How to integrate videos in KineMaster

In fact, almost all video editing programs have a video integration feature. Video integration feature is a very important basic feature. However, I think KineMaster has better quality than other editing programs.

KineMaster is an application that is used to edit movies with full features. KineMaster also has an easy-to-use interface so beginners can master editing features instantly with multiple attempts and exercises. With the KineMaster app, you can combine multiple videos into one smartphone.

So how do you combine videos with KineMaster? Here are the steps to integrate videos into KineMaster.

  1. You must have the app KineMasterYou can download the app in the Google Play Store or Appstore on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app KineMasterThen tab on the menu Create New. See the example in the picture. Create a new video in kinemaster
  3. Then select your video aspect ratio, then select the tab Next. See the example in the picture. Select the video ratio
  4. Then select your video storage location. See the example in the picture. Video storage location
  5. Then tap the video you want to merge to get the details of your video. Then click on the icon In addition. See the example in the picture. Add videos for integration
  6. Do the same for the next video that merges into one video.
  7. After selecting the video, look at the bottom of your video. If there is a positive sign between your videos, then the videos are merged. See the example in the picture. Merge multiple videos
  8. Then click on the mark Check, When adding videos is finished. See the example in the picture. Save the merged video
  9. To save the result of your merged video, tap on its icon Download Which is at the top right. See the example in the picture. Save the merged video
  10. Then select the resolution and frame rate of your video, then click on it Save video. See the example in the picture. Save videos to Kinemaster
  11. Then wait for the storage process to complete. See the example in the picture. Video saving process

Well, these are the steps for combining multiple videos into one using KineMaster. How? Combining videos in KineMaster is not easy.

You can combine videos by following the methods above. You can use it directly to integrate your videos. You can also cut specific parts of the video that you want to join. Not only do you join videos, but you can also crop videos on KineMaster.

In addition to KineMaster, there are several editing programs that you can use to edit video, especially combining videos on your smartphone such as Inshot, Imovie, Capcut and more.

Similarly, an article on how to combine movies with KineMaster. I hope this article can help you. Good luck and thank you.

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