How to use the HTTP injector until the connection (all operators)

Data packets or Internet quotas are currently expensive, such as data packages for Tri, smartfren, Axis and even Telkomsel operators. Data packages are available in daily, weekly and even monthly active courses. However, data packet usage is often shared with Internet quotas specifically for social media, chat, games, and some are even split at specific […]

Google and Qualcomm promise four years of security and Android upgrades

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Google and Qualcomm have announced a partnership to support the Android operating system and four years of security updates for all Snapdragon-powered Android devices launched under Google’s Treble project. The latest Snapdragon 888 chipset is the first to support this update. All devices running Android version 11 with the Snapdragon chipset installed will […]

2 easy ways to install Gcam on Android phones (all types of mobile phones)

At present, all activities from games to professional photography can be done with a mobile phone. Professional photographers usually use DSLR or mirrorless cameras, but today it is not uncommon to use mobile cameras because the quality of mobile cameras is no longer in doubt and is certainly more practical. However, if you are still […]

3 ways to download videos on Instagram without a program (100% work)

An easy way to download videos on Instagram without an app in the HP Gallery. Enough with online downloader. In addition to Facebook, Instagram is a popular social media that has millions of active users every month. With this Instagram, we can find the latest information, interesting videos, job opportunities, etc. Every day you will […]

3+ How to save Instagram videos in HP Gallery (100% work)

An easy way to save videos on Instagram in the mobile gallery without the help of the app. Not easy and complicated. Surely you are very familiar with Instagram, right? How not, Instagram is one of the most popular social media today in addition to Facebook and Twitter. It can not be separated from the […]

2 ways to download movies on laptop / mobile + under Indo (100% work)

Easy way to download movies from your laptop and Android phone with Indonesian subtitles for free Of course, most of us really enjoy watching movies. Start with horror, romance, drama, comedy, and more. One of the places where we can watch the latest movies, of course, is the cinema. However, we are often dissatisfied with […]

4 ways to convert video to MP3 on HP / laptop (without application)

An easy way to convert videos to mp3 on Android phones and laptops without the help of apps. It can be done online and is not complicated. The rapid dissemination of information proves that multimedia plays an active role as an important leader for society in various aspects and fields. It is one of the […]

How to create color text in WhatsApp (100% efficient)

How to create colorful text in WhatsApp easily. Make chatting more fun. WhatsApp, proposed by Facebook, has increased WhatsApp popularity. After its popularity, it defeated chat programs such as LINE, WeChat, Telegram and others. Recently, WhatsApp residents have been shocked by the addition of the latest innovations, namely writing styles such as bold, italic, italic […]

How to view WiFi passwords that are connected in Android

Two methods for easy viewing of Wi-Fi passwords connected in Android, can be applied to all mobile phone brands Wifi network is our lifeline so we can store quotas anywhere. Its presence is always noticed by the community, whether in the house, cafe, restaurant or other places. The current Wi-Fi network is also one of […]

2 ways to display HP screen to laptop with USB

Let’s try to display the mobile screen on a laptop with usb without having to root it Nowadays, mobile phones and laptops have become the basic needs of every human being. Almost all activities are easier than studying, working, everything with the help of these two devices. And now you can control your mobile phone […]